The Coffee Shop Looking Glass

Published on 27 April 2023 at 20:42


Coffee shop looking glass, the wondrous view I explore in my mind. 

The image I see, with the music that plays in my ears, the imagination of some place else. Like being somewhere warm, the sun shinning gives me that illusion, the parking lot sends me to an ocean city view, the coffee shop looking glass views its patio.

Oh the wonderful places I can go from the mind set of the coffee shop looking glass.

I’m downtown below my studio apartment, having warmed chai latte, looking out into the big world around me, and I see cars lined up and the noise takes me to a busy place of sadness, when I long to be with the trees, maybe by the sea, or in the mountains.

The coffee shop looking glass has so many wonders for the mind. Maybe peace only exists there. Maybe its just a place warm with lots of windows and coffee smells, aromatic for the soul to breathe.  It is a place for now, just for me. 

 Written by: Jennifer Hatton

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