The Moon Owl And Me

Published on 16 May 2023 at 13:43

                 The Moon Owl And Me


As I lay in bed to sleep, I remembered the moon asking to play. I closed my eyes ignoring the sound of crickets calling my name. I figured I’d try to gather my courage and walk into the dark night.

The moon asking kindly to play. From the moment I didn’t give into sleep and stepping out on the back porch. I see you my friend. An owl of medium build with a snowy white chest. How broad you are and just behind you like in a movie, the moon set in the sky, not to bright but just right with its aura making you glow. I felt that connection like waves that hit the rocks and everything appears in slow-mo. Your careful not move from the branch your posted on. I sit on the ground quietly and observe you, just or me. Time doesn’t last and you flew away but you have left your mark within me. Off to bed, my energy restored and your peace I will carry always with me.

By: Jennifer B. Hatton

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