A Prayer For A Nation

Published on 28 May 2023 at 09:34

                      A Prayer For A Nation 


I think sometimes people don't truly realize the torture they can put on ones mind. The sadness they feel, can consume a person with empath abilities. We are supposed to be able handle the weight, but we forget to let it go and let God. Here I am. My mighty father, trying to release the the sad that fills me and the hurt the consumes me. Lord, take away the sorrow and the pain. Father I need you now and those around me need you, now. Fill those hearts with joy, and peace. Lord fill the void in the hearts of those who are lost. Father God, be there to carry them as you always do. Show them thats what you do. Planting a seed for a nation to rise above and reach out to you in prayer. God you are so amazing and I love you. Thank you for showing me your love and I pray to be more like you, for if only to be a vessel to those who come to me. Speak through me father, light the room through me and help me to not fear. Oh lord, my one true father. I love you so much. Thank you lord. Thank you lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen. 

By:Jennifer B. Hatton

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a year ago

Amen baby. That’s a beautiful prayer

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