Sleepless Dreamer

Published on 4 June 2023 at 09:16


                                 Sleepless Dreamer


Sleepless dreamer, what’s on your mind, in a night full of wonder what do you find?

Comfort in writing, in and late night rhyme. The mind opened at such a time.

Sleepless dreamer, is it the wonder you find, that be which, is on your mind?

Not a view in the night to gaze about, just darkness and rain to wonder around.

Cold out, shut in, awakened by the med within. Flushing the toxin within.

Sleepless dreamer, wondered about, with the thoughts of slumbering about.

Carried by a panic within, that awakens the writer within.

Wishful dreaming of the gaze you wonder about, darkness blinding the vision within.

Only dampening the minds imagination, creating ramblings of rhyme within.

Sleepless dreamer, don't fear what you are driven by, let it guide, all in due time.

Sleepless dreamer in the night, awakened only by the med within, to find your self again. 

By: Jennifer B. Hatton

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