Seasons Heal

Published on 21 June 2023 at 12:37


                 Seasons Heal


I’ll be outside,

where the sun aligns with the moon,

And as the world spins and it brings the spring blooms.

I’ll be in the moon light,

waiting for the sun,

For it is bright and fun.

The glow of the moon brings inner peace, from the darkest of night,

And the sun brings balance, with its warm delight.

Spring fades and summer comes and now we look forward for the bright moon in the night,

Distant from heat and its fire glow, off to slumber we must go.

Before we know it, seasons change and fall becomes a new slow, the break from the heat, to the changing of the leaves. As we move into the white wintery snow, the show of time heals us all at different times.

By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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