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Published on 10 July 2023 at 09:32

Visual topic:

The sky full of light but mostly dark angry clouds, with a green hue, dark walls form and the rain is like ice. Day of light is evening. What am I in the sky?


Poem Writers Topic:

As we all know there are many forms of poetry, titles, like how its written, naturally, I just write and it turns out as it should.

What are some poem styles you know of? 


Writers block topic:

No matter what one is writing at some point they come to a point when creativity feels blank. When this happens to you or is you just have insights please share so others will know. What can, or do you do, to get writing again?


 *Random topic:

Have you noticed the sun change, not only is it more heated up and brighter, I have noticed a shift in its, rise and set. What are your thoughts?


Random Topic:

If you could learn a trade/skill for free, what would it be and why?


*Travel Topic:

Wanderlust, the strong desire to travel far away and anywhere, if you have this strong desire where would you go first and why?


Creative Topic:

Share your art with me, painting, sketches, anything you have made? Let’s lift each other up.


Depth Feeling Topic:

What is something you do that connects you to self growth?


*Finish the line Topic:

 (lets see some creative thinking) 

“Barefoot walking the almost dry bottom of the river bed and I closed my eyes for only a moment”............... share in the comments. 


*Independence Day Topic:

What is a tradition for independence day that you and your family does every year?

(Can be food, a place you go, something unique, anything for this celebration……….)


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