Barefoot On The Shore

Published on 16 July 2023 at 01:05

   Barefoot On The Shore

Barefoot on the shore line, white sand beneath my feet, waves crashing knee deep into me, salty mist surrounds me, I close my eyes and take in the waves impact, holding my stance, the oceans is a demanding dance.

I hear the crash of the waves around me, the strength and brilliance of its embrace, the warm ocean air upon my face.

Eyes opened now, storm clouds moving in, the wind changes and thunder rolls across the sky, sun rays behind me now, and the color of the sky blue waters change to a deep gray blue, lighting touch’s in the far view, the beauty of its form I’ll hold in my heart so true.

Barefoot on the shore line, rain clouds spill with heavy drops, tides coming in vastly around me, as I run for the pier stairs to escape the rising waters.

Barefoot on the first step and the water starts to rise behind me, I turn to look and see large waves rolling in and lighting stretches across the sky, the beauty of it all I take in, thinking if I would have waited a second longer it could have been my demise.

Barefoot I turn and climb the stairs.

Barefoot on the shore line no more, shelter I take in the pier coffee store.

By: Jennifer B. Hatton

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