The Cliff Cave Sides

Published on 16 August 2023 at 11:15


               The Cliff Cave Sides


Part 1 of 4

From my bay window overlooking the crashing tides, oh the longing I feel inside.

The water fills up the caves as the tides fall back and water spills back into the swell as it rears back for another try. The longing, I wonder to see what’s inside.

Knowing the fear of what could happen, I long to know what I must not try.

Inside could be nothing just a deep flooded hole, but the longing to know is hard to fight.

Part 2 of 4

Once a year for one day the ocean is calm enough to explore the cliffs cave sides.

Most don't even dare, for fear what they might find.

So for now till then I’ll wait right here and watch the raging ocean tides.

I’ll dream of the adventure of what I might find.

I might find......

Part 3 of 4

an underground village of people that wonder the caves and fish the tide made swirl hole deep enough to catch a swordfish, and tiny homes from cave man days that are well lit from the drift wood the washed in, a life fulfilled by the grace of the raging tides. Gifted already made clothing from shipwrecks and items lost by swimmers and surfers, the cave people who fear to leave the caves for the bright world outside, they know the fear of the raging ocean tides.

I might find dangerous lava boiling inside pushing out the ocean tides. 

Part 4 of 4

Or the depths of a swirl pool basin of lava the heats the ocean water for a fountain of youth hot spring.

Maybe the cave people are healed from this hot springs and gives them youthfulness to live longer then the outer world people, and thats why they still exist in the caves. Maybe the cavemen who escaped the one time a year they could are who made the rest of us, and just maybe we wasn’t meant to live outside the caves. Just maybe only the dinosaurs. A Twist on the imagination, of Adam and Eve.
By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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