A Little Bit Of The Raw, Me.

Published on 24 August 2023 at 08:34

A Little Bit Of The Raw, Me


Part 1

My memory is short, and my thoughts are muddled. The one thing I can do is write here to you and for me. Stresses have intensified the race in my mind. Days go and I lay here because my thoughts keep me down and tired. No one seems to understand that. Just to make a cup of coffee takes so much mental strength. This is a fight I have fought all my life. I try to keep it to myself. 

Part 2

A stranger would never know, but my people close can see it coming. I’m a rambled mess of strength. Risking exposure of being my own worst critic. If your confused, so am I. My empathy is real and the who inside of me is alone. I cry and scream but nothing, no sound outbound. The mental pain is real, the trauma and the wounded inner child too. The healing isn’t easy, but the spiritual awaking isn’t either, but the look back and the journey so far, is worth it.

Part 3

 I see you back there little child, come on, catch up, dust off. You will be ok. Can you see your future now. I can, its painful but meaningful. The road isn’t a fork of choices. It’s curvy and lots of road bumps and pot holes. Full of slow downs and pull overs to calm down. So much more to me, but for now, I hope this helps some one. Don’t ever give up. You really do got this. He carries me all the time. Hell and back. 


 By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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