Where I Want To Be

Published on 30 August 2023 at 14:20

Where I Want To Be Is Here…..


Part 1

Imagine if you will, a place in the middle of nowhere, surrounded with trees standing so tall, making you feel like an ant in this world. A place with mossy paths the leads to a low bedded river flowing steady, water cold and clear with pebbles and boulders for the crashing of the water. Across the river a cabin tree house. To the right a path that leads to a hammock made of twine and sheltered with a canopy made from fallen branches. To the left a path that leads to a fallen tree crossing over the river, with a rope as a guide across it. Across the fallen tree we go, up the mossy path to the cabin treehouse.

Part 2

A wrap around deck setting low with natural stone steps up. A stair case wrapping around the tree to a covered stable bridge leading to this beautiful home. Across the bridge entering a greenhouse dome, filled with plants, herbs and veggies, berries and more. Opening the heavy castle looking wooden door, to the right a wood stove, for heating and cooking. Be side to its left a rocking chair and a book shelf filled full. To the left a couch cozy with quits and pillows. Straight ahead a small kitchen simple farm sink and an icebox fridge.A small door way leads into a narrow hallway up to the left a bathroom with a cooper soaking tub, and porcelain toilet and a stand alone sink with a copper bowl. 

Part 3

The mounted rain head shower is copper. The bathroom is spacious and the view from the large swing open window, is breathtaking, the river flowing, along with mountains covered with snow you can smell the cold fresh air. Out to the hall taking a left, lit by a warm glow wall sconce and up to the right another beautiful wooden castle looking door. As we enter the large bedroom with a dome ceiling with a spiral stair case leading to a birds nest room with a 360 view of the woods and surrounding and a canopy of stars view. 

Part 4

Straight ahead of the stairs with a large bay window and large swing open windows and in front of that a king size pillow top bed, lots of feather down pillows, to the left a library nook and painting room with canvas a plenty. To the left a writing room with French doors leading to a covered balcony. On the balcony sets a tea table and chairs, and a view of the lake and waterfall the feeds into the river. The sounds are amazing and the air is clear, where I want to be is here…….


By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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