I’m Yet To Be

Published on 25 February 2024 at 12:54

I’m Yet To Be


Breaking down with fear again, realizing I’m not who I once was. Growing into myself and who I'm suppose to be. Breaking the layers of pain, and trauma away. Fighting through the phobia of being trapped. Waking into the rooted tree, I'm yet to be. Realizing I wont be going back to who I don’t have to be. Alone in growth is ok to me, its ok to see a version of me that makes me break the walls of fear away. Little by little loving me. Im me, no matter the changes, the craziness, the irrational ups and down, all this is building who God intended me to be. Journaling self growth, self acceptance, self love, and learning to care for my well being. That’s the selfless selfishness, that is needed to see the world better. One day I will no longer cry for reasons I don’t understand. Working on seeing things kinder and finding love for myself first is where I want to be, so much more to go, one day at a time, breaking down the fear, waking into the rooted tree, I’m yet to be. 

By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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