Just A Place In Time

Published on 6 June 2024 at 08:39

Just A Place In Time


Just a place in time, I stand alone in a world that never slows down.

I wasn’t meant for fast pace, I was meant for for the breakdown of everything around me.

Naturally induced visual effects of slow motion breakdown. An analyzing mind set to see the future outcomes, or just to be in a place in time. Everything is moving fast but my superpower is to see in slow motion, to capture a picture of a time in my memory. Weird, but facts. Crazy, how I can’t keep up with the time, but my mind still finds its way through. The crazy part is, well, the fact it feels like loosing  myself in the ways of the world, but then my mind grabs a moment, slows it completely down, so as if to give me time to grasp the beauty that still exists around us in everyone and everything, keeping up with the rushing in life is not what we are meant for. Getting back to the basics for growing and slow motion in my mind. This is Just a place in time, for my mind.

By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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