If You Only Knew

Published on 24 January 2024 at 17:19

If you only Knew


I see you across the street in the dark, illuminated by only a single street light. Barefoot on the summer warmed pavement, gazing of at something in the distance, if you only knew, it was me. The south wind gusts through, rattles your stance and breaks your mind from what you was gazing at, if you only knew, it was me. You turn to take your walk back home, wonder what it was that caught your eye, if you only knew, it was me. 

Im here with you always, I’ll follow you tell your safe at home. If you only you knew, it was me, but you couldn’t know. Im gone from here but I’m always with you. Your home now and I’ll wait for you right here, always with you, if only you knew, it was me.

By: Jennifer B. Hatton 

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